[update] PHPStorm’s upcoming subscription based licensing model and why you’re fucked up

7 thoughts on “[update] PHPStorm’s upcoming subscription based licensing model and why you’re fucked up”

  1. The fallback license is really a strange! As a loyal customer you should get the 40% discount from the beginning 🙂

    I’m really happy to have a “free” ULTIMATE license, paid by my company.

  2. Just to confirm, as a loyal customer, you do indeed get a 40% discount from the beginning.

    You’ve also confused your prices somewhat, the current renew price of $49 which you take as your base is the current renew price for personal customers. The subscription price you use of $119 is actually for commercial subscription, so you won’t need to pay that price. The actual subscription price for individuals is $53, which is only a $4 increase per year, and not a 100% increase in price.

    I hope that clears things up for you a little and you continue to use PhpStorm.

    Gary Hockin
    – Developer Advocate, PhpStorm

  3. If i didn’t interpret it wrong –

    1) Existing license before Nov 2nd, 2015 will work indefinitely. Here: https://www.jetbrains.com/toolbox/commercialtransition/ under “Frequently asked questions” it says –

    Q: Does this affect existing software purchased under a perpetual license?

    A: No. Any licenses purchased before November 2, 2015, remain valid and will continue working indefinitely according to the corresponding license terms.

    So may be if u have an existing license and u could keep using the ide, without renewing. So u will have the last updated version available, before the term expires. Basically which seems same as current yearly renewal system

    2) Continuity discount: 20% after 12 months of uninterrupted payments and 40% after 24 months of uninterrupted payments are available for both monthly and yearly plans. so that means if u r a long term user, u more or less pay almost the same.

    From those 2 observations, it seems to me, nothing much is changed. The 2nd year of subscription gonna hurt though, as i will have to pay full price instead of just $49. But as for me, i came to rely on the usefulness of their softwares. So, i will probably be sticking with them, unless i get another alternative that can match-up with their line of products.

  4. i guess its a good thing i didn’t end up using phpStorm as my main IDE. I tried really hard for a period of 6 months to work in phpStorm. Although it helps a lot in php coding, it does not help a lot of keeping my 100+ projects organized or deploy just changed files with sftp as efficiently as i have with Coda! Not to mention that front end coding sucks in phpStorm!

  5. not sure whats the big deal.

    even if you use only one of their products, you don’t get much more expensive then it used to be.
    annual license for one product is 53 Euros then, used to be 49 (renewal).
    thats 4 euros more a year.

    The nice thing is that the complete collection is now in an affordable category MUCH MUCH cheaper, (199 for new, 149 renewal rather than needing a license for every singleone).

    Personally i believe the prices are extremly fair, and this is a good change.

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