RSS Feed Mashup + Twitter = Yummy!

44 thoughts on “RSS Feed Mashup + Twitter = Yummy!”

  1. Great Work… as always. Thanks Hasin bhai! Just recently I started to use twitterfox. Now I can take full advantage of it by adding all my RSS feeds to twitter with this code. Whole world will be waiting for me on my firefox 🙂

  2. @TaeWoo : I have been using Tweet this but that has basic difference to this one.
    1. That’s WP plugin.
    2. Doesn’t use cronjob.
    3. Dont automatically post to tweeter.
    4. That is just an aid to the Blog visitors to be able to Tweet a liked post easily.
    5. This one aggregates RSS feeds and automatically posts to ONE single Tweeter Account.

  3. i faced a problem after running the code….

    the problem shows me that…Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded …please suggest me

  4. I must say that it is handy since it delivers the feeds from the web and not from any other tool i.e ‘twitterfeed’, makes it look organic and naturally.
    Too many that look as if they are from RSS can be off putting.

    I suggest Hasin that a) Allow feeds to be sent on a timed basis 30 min, 1 hr, 4 hour, 24 hour, etc.
    b) they number of post submitted per tweet i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

    that would be awesome

  5. @kowser, I also use google reader with the greasemonkey/userscript for twitter. Works a treat with tinyurl. The fact that you send only the ones you have read manually ensures that you are only sending what you have read and confirmed what is good for your readers.

  6. Came to your site after longgg time, looks like missed a lot of fun 🙂
    I have been looking for the exact thing you posted(RSS Feed)! Thanks a lot Hasin.
    Am planning to sit for the Zend certifcate soon, any suggestion on that? Or do you already have a post for that I can look into?
    Once again! Thanks for all EXCELLENT posts!

  7. Please excuse my ingorance I am new to this. I have edited the index.php line 5 $twitter with my username and password. I’ve uploaded the files above to a dir on my server. When I run the page shows me the text of my index.php file incuding my password. Please help. I have set this up in dreamhost cronjob as well but I nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for you help.

  8. I have the cronjob executing the index.php file that I uploaded to a directory with the rest of the files but now my email notifier tells me:

    sh: 20: command not found

    Also if i browse to the index.php file in my browser it’s still showing me the text of the .php file in my browser.

  9. The code is working fine as along as there is no special characters in the item title.

    If the item title has any spl char, only the partial text of the item title ( until it hit the spl char) is updating to Twitter.

    Can you please look into this. Thanks.

  10. added a new line

    $message = urlencode($message);



    working fine for the above mentioned special character issues.


  11. Amazing Script! I had one question:

    1. It currently says “posted from web” when posted to twitter – would you know how to change the text of that like twitterfeed or do?

  12. Great Post! Love your blog! Btw I stumble onto this site that provides a Rss tool that converts any partial rss to full rss! Just wanna share with you guys: Full rss Have fun with it!

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