Cropping any part of any website – thats fun!

25 thoughts on “Cropping any part of any website – thats fun!”

  1. Yes it is fun. 🙂
    But if there’s any embedded flash objects in the page… or say Youtube. Then the flash object/ Video will appear to the cropper page even if you dont crop anywhere near it.
    Its really really fun. A great way to make things widgetized in a funny way.

  2. nice thing.

    slight confusion….
    it’s actually not cropping any image, is it?

    i think it’s showing the viewer the part s\he want to view from the live site.

  3. Just a thought if image hosting service were thrown in with that cropping feature it would become a really great site… (I mean cropped image hosted on the site and user is provided with bbcode/html for sites/forums)

    for now its just a good site to play with (wont be returning more than two or three times)…….

    btw: I miss gopsop 😦 is there any plan to revive it back?
    integrating with services like or hellotxt might have made it more effective?

  4. Hello, I am the author of Jcrop. Thank you for posting this most clever hack! I haven’t analyzed the code extensively but I was impressed you did it without any modifications to the code (I need to post an update!). Right? Very nice. Have you tried using a transparent gif or png, and also the option bgColor: ‘transparent’ – could be useful here. Thanks again!

    1. html2canvans – This script allows you to take “screenshots” of webpages or parts of it, directly on the users browser. The screenshot is based on the DOM and as such may not be 100% accurate to the real representation as it does not make an actual screenshot, but builds the screenshot based on the information available on the page.

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