Look Ma, everyone’s computing out there for me!

4 thoughts on “Look Ma, everyone’s computing out there for me!”

  1. That is a brilliant concept! I can definitely see how this could effectively become something similar to seti@home but serve a totally different purpose and appealing to a totally different crowd.

    Javascript, yet again, jumps back into the scene to introduce something so significant and powerful for something that is often overlooked and taken for granted… raw computing power of client machines.

    Good article, I’m sure we’ll see something come out of this concept sometime in the near future.

  2. When you first told me about this, I really didn’t get the whole significance of the idea. But after reading this, I really think this can be a revolutionary idea.

    Just imagine, how much computing power we can get out of the users. But, of course there are a few challenges:
    1. the load distributing algo has be thought abt. As parsing is not only going in many clients, but also the server has to get in to complete leftover jobs.
    2. This solution will not be appropriate for parsing sensitive data. But for parsing feeds, this should not be much of a problem
    3. The js code has to very efficient. Making sure that we dont hamper the user experience. After all we all know, how bad JS is when it comes to intensive computations

    These are just my opinions, and I may be wrong. But, over all, this is a great concept!

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