Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1

23 thoughts on “Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1”

  1. Cool, carry on!

    We will learn a lot from this series of posts.

    Eagerly waiting to see the final implementation.

  2. Nice read, thanks!
    I am interested in part 3 and 4. Most importantly how are you willing to tackle storing onlythe delta of the feeds entries (new feeds).

  3. thanks for the post.
    I have been talking over with some of the reps for friendfeed to develop a wdiget for the service and a pretty cool intervention with their API, just getting the developers together.

    the noserub solution is frigging awesome. Its a shame that services like that are not getting their due PR

  4. However ‘noerub’ seems to be a service that offers a script that can decentralise social streaming, however as far as a read it you would add a script to your own site that ‘connects’ to the other versions of noserub around the web.


  5. So all you are saying is if you know how to store user data in a database and know how to parse rss/xml feeds then you are a-ok?

  6. @shaun

    nope, not at all – there will be a detailed post about scaling such a huge load. But these are just the appetizers πŸ™‚

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