Making a jobsite using PHP

24 thoughts on “Making a jobsite using PHP”

  1. Hasin vai here is the problem. Popularity. Its very easy to learn technical stuffs. But marketing? Normally we say “we the cool tech guys. we dont like biz…”. As a result the biz guys make their biz with our product. 😦

  2. If I used “” all of my information will go their database. It seems little bit problem to me.

    But to get a readymade job portal this is really an excellent solution.

  3. I put some guys into localizing Jobberbase in Bangla language. I think the market is still open if the site is open for all. Once the localization is done, we will launch a site and that will be free to use for all.

    By the way, Hasin is the team leader of the project and I’m the project manager. 🙂

  4. One thing i want to mention here is, whether its a jobsite or any such site, the product team needs to see the site and its features through the users’ glasses. This is missing in most sites of our country. They just want to get benefit by taking a slice from the “profit pizza”.

    I had the chance of working with some jobsite in BD and had this kind of talk with their management:

    Me: So, how you’re planning to succeed ? Whats the USP (unique selling proposition) of your site ?

    They: Well, we want to be the “BEST” (!!??) jobsite in our country. We want to beat _____jobs. We know marketing people of large companies, we’ll get enough ads…(already my head is taking theme as “blah blah…..”)

    See! All they care about is ads and money! They don’t care about the point that they have to serve the users, users must feel like using the site and they should be provided something for which they’ll come back. Instead, they put flashy ads and jobseekers in our country pay hundreds of taka in cyber cafes…downloading those BS ads and finding bits of info placed among them.

    We seriously need to revise this kind of practises. Best wishes to Omi and hasin bhai for their plan. I will also come forward very soon to give a hand.

    And lastly, a great post 🙂

  5. i think, if someone make a job site without zero effort, he or she will be in trouble when any new problem gonna available on site 😦

    @emran bro, i agree with you. i think firstly we should careful about the contents or resources then we can think about revenue 😉

    I specially don’t like flashy ads, it takes more time to open a page. Everybody know the present conditions of bd’s net speed, so i think developer should think about it.

    thanks hasin bro to share with us.

  6. Great Post! Thanks Hasin vai.
    About popularity, you said, “Well – that depends on how creative you are and how successfully you can turn user experience to a colorful moment.” It’s solid true.
    But another important point is that, how much of his thinking a developer can implement in his work. In most of cases, a job site is planned by a “NON-TECHNICAL” businessman where a developer works under him. Then he may forcefully try to inject his ideas over developers planning and destroy a lot of good efforts.
    One of my friends developing a job site of our country. About the logo of site, the MD said him “Look at the logo of yahoo. Here a boy is coming from left side and a girl is coming from right side. Our logo will be 100% like that. But the boy will come from right and the girl from left”. 😀
    Don’t laugh please. It’s a matter of sorrow.

  7. Hasin vai,

    It’s really a nice post. I got chance to develop two job sites. One for Canada and another for Bangladesh. I agree with the view of Emran Hasan and Anis Uddin.

    I got the more complicated portion of jobsite is to build up a builder for resume posting, as you told.

    I think the mentality of our job site holders will be changed soon. 🙂


  8. This is a mind blowing article.

    I am going to start developing a job site for a Bangladeshi company soon.
    And this article is more than enough.

    Big thanks for sharing such a very informative and helpful article.

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