Lookback 2007, The Storyteller

13 thoughts on “Lookback 2007, The Storyteller”

  1. This cannot be the complete lookback. It’s just a part. 🙂 We cannot look back to everything. Like the bad things, we don’t remember them at all. Our brain is not designed to remember the bad things.

    When you’ll write the last blog of your life, try to make a complete lookback then. 🙂

  2. Did you notice Hasin bhaia, it’s 4th January and another exciting month waiting for you to finish….time passes so quick, and I think you had simply amazing wave in your life last year….:) Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 and Good luck for 2008….I think it will be simply Fantastic year for you…with some great tour he he 🙂

    wishes for you, Afif and bhabi 🙂

    Esha 🙂

  3. what a wonderful brief reflection of the recently passed year 🙂 !.
    those who want to follow you and want to learn from you will surely get a lot of interesting materials here from the post.
    and of course it seems a perfect tech guy’s life cycle 🙂 doing lot of stuffs for the wonderful world.

    thanks for the great flash back hasin bhai :).

  4. nice briefing brother. this is my maiden message to you. I am a student of RUET. starting 3rd year in CSE. heard a lot about you. a beginner in PHP. hope some helps from you if you agreed. best wishes…..

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