Inside at Trippert Labs

16 thoughts on “Inside at Trippert Labs”

  1. Green Room Helps you to boost up your productivity. When you are tired sitting all the time over chairs or playing games, you can goto green room and start working like u r in Yoga 😀

  2. Congratulation hasin vai, i wish you all the best for your trippert labs.
    I love the green room concepts very much. If you give a interior designing looks to this room, will be great.

    can i know in which field Afif is expert or he is going to introduce new term to Programming world? 🙂

    Give him lots of love from me.

  3. congrats with trippert labs and new office, hasin. you have learned a lot about good companies and great work environments from somewhere in… and pageflakes, take your good men and find your values and purpose, build your own company culture and protect it with your lives. build dynamic and progressive strategies and goals. and go for it!

    happy to see that you are enjoying yourself!

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