Turn your wordpress Blog into a full fledged CMS

125 thoughts on “Turn your wordpress Blog into a full fledged CMS”

  1. In short, done properly, a Wake Up… Live the Life You Love Book could change your life!

    But you can use being a co-author to promote pretty much any business or service–or even to start a new career.

    As part of being a co-author, you participate in several tele-classes that teach you exactly how to use the book–and the huge amount of publicity it will generate–to promote your business and your career. Doesn’t it make sense to set yourself apart from your competition and be extremely media worthy?

    Let’s say you have a pet store. When the book is published, you send a press release (they’ll show you how) telling the local media that you have published a book with other famous authors. If you’re like past co-authors, you’ll probably get a story in the newspaper, and you’ll probably be asked to be on local radio or TV. All of these possibilities increase awareness of your business and make you special in your community.

    And that’s only one of many ways being a co-author in this book can be used.

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  32. There is often a lot of confusion about these and some people believe that a CMS should use only Pages and not posts to populate the website. Posts are merely web pages that can be controlled in various ways.

  33. I wish I could find a support forum for the book. After working through several chapters, I have questions about why certain things [work/do not work] the way that they do. It would be nice if this was something available for any future books you might write.

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