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  1. the future is mobile, mobility is what we have to introduce. gp is now the largest isp in bangladesh, with perhaps 1.5 mill users that signed up for gprs edge. think about all the opportunities that opens up. but keep in mind, all people should have some off-line time as well… for your family and yourself…

  2. Mr. Hasin and Mr. Arild,
    I think you guys are somehow related with GrameenPhone. Come sometimes in Uttara and see how fu**ing the service is. The service is much better outside Dhaka, but not good at all in Dhaka.

    Try to improve it if possible else people will call you lires.

  3. Arild,
    Personally I’m living in Uttara too. The service is really very bad. In this case you cannot demand as the biggest and best ISP of Bangladesh.

    Most of all mobile operators under the sun has Internet facilities. But ISPs are also doing business. How many people of this planet using mobile and how many people of this planet using Internet professionally by mobile. I think your technology cannot give me 100K (not k) bandwidth in my office for professional works. Also for hobby, if I want to use Internet for downloading Music/Movies, I need high speed, which your GP cannot serve.

    According to GPs promise you should spread EDGE to every corner of the country, but the fact is you are providing EDGE in some parts of Dhaka and Chittagong and rest are GPRS.

    Hasin used GPRS not EDGE in his village, I also used GPRS in Dinajpur that is not EDGE. In Uttara GP’s EDGE service is worse than GPRS.

    If you know any person in GP, tell him to come in Uttara sector 14 sometimes and check it out before speaking BIG words to the nation.

    Happy GP(EDGE)RSing

  4. I agree with Rassell Vai and Omi Vai,
    I don’t know what honey Hasin Bhai found in GP Internet. It doesn’t work in most parts of Dhaka and Omi Vai how you used it in Dinajpur? Even I’m not getting any speed in Hazaribug and Lalmatia.

    Too bad service of GP.

    Hasin Vai,
    Please don’t try to misguide people. You are not a ambassador of GP, are you?


  5. dear guys, you keep saying what you think is good, and I will keep saying what I think is good. I almost got 10K at home. and dont say that you dont get anything in lalmatia, i always got 10+ there.

    I used GP in my hometown just for GP. so why I wouldn’t thank them? I say what i believe is true. And no doubt, I am grateful to GP for this excellent facilty. If I were a subscriber of aktel or banglalink and got same facility, I will tkank them too.

    Thank you GrameenPhone.

  6. hi all,
    perhaps very firing topic :),
    hasin bahi satisfy on GP because he has no alternative. more over GP Edge speed is depending on your mobile set too… if your mobile set does not support EDGE so you have to be satisfied with in 10KB …
    at my place (motijheel) i am getting around 5/6 KB 😦 too bad… but you know it is very useful when i find my beloved BroadBand connection is out of service.

    as far i know.. there is no good BB service provider nearby hasin bhai’s house. so no alternative…
    our company is GP Business solution subscriber… so we get support from our office.. thats why you may get hasin bhai and me so biased…

    nothing harm… nothing bad 🙂

  7. For some days I am using GP EDGE from Mirpur [ie. Kazipara] and in average getting more then 100Kbps. Sometime I get 160~180Kbps! Generally it never come down under 30~40Kbps. Day before yesterday I was coming to Mirpur from Kauranbazar with my Laptop. Then I got around 70+ Kbps continuously in the car.

    Btw, I am using Sony Ericsson GC85 EDGE PC Card.

    PS. I am not an ambassador of GP, just a new EDGE user. 🙂

  8. Hasan,
    My handset is Nokia 5500 Sport, which has a Class 10 EDGE modem and Class 6 GPRS modem. So you can understand about the set. I didn’t say there is no speed. I said the problem is in Uttara and other people complained about their places.

    What I argued about is taking GP as #1 largest ISP. Ya they are fat with subscriber, but not fat with service. It’s like politics of Bangladesh. Promise everything when you need vote and deliver the things where you are MP of not to other places. 🙂 Is GP doing something like that?

    You have to see whole country through one single eye. The whole country is under one umbrella, can GP deny that they are not providing GPRS outside Dhaka and CTG? Even they are providing worst speed than GPRS in some parts. That is what most of all are saying. 🙂

  9. Very firing topic, indeed. I live in uttara too, in sector 5. Here the situation is really ugly as Omi bhai said. But the fact I realized is the speed of EDGE/GPRS does not necessarily depend on the handset. It certainly depends on the distance between your handset & the nearest cell-site that supports EDGE/GPRS. When I used EDGE/GPRS from uttara using N60 ( it’s my friend’s set, I don’t have that much of money 😦 ) I got below 4K, but when I tried it from gulshan I got 20K (both up & down!). That is the base of my assertion. Even when I went to Sylhet, I noticed the significant difference of speed (I got 60K from one of my friend’s house which is located on a hill :D), which again helped me to come to a conclusion like this. May be my statement based on these inspections is wrong.
    About the criticizes: I will still like to thank GP as they have already established an infrastructure for wireless internet countrywide (the speed at this time does not really matter) which can be used in many ways for improving our country. There are lots of new scopes that had been opened. As Arild said ‘think about all the opportunities that opens up’. Surely, (mobile+web) is the future.
    By the way, I am not a GP user, I m using Banglalink for sometime & very happy with their service at lower cost.

  10. wow, here we get some bashing just because we have found it interesting to use mobile internet through gp’s edge service. i think it is very useful for laptop users, as you can also connect while in the car. but for most users with a lousy isp at home, it should be an alternative to consider. for our buinsess solution we pay less than tk 1000 per month for unlimited use, so i guess that makes us tolerate more ups and downs in speed. it is the conveniant service, the mobility, that facinates us.

    somewhere in… has allowed anyone of its talents to use gp edge connection for home internet, we pay for it and it helps our people to be always connected. we have had too many delays in “home work” due to our talent’s home isp has been down for days.

    regarding the speed, it is as far as i know, partly dependent on your handset (nokia 5500 sport should be one of the best, omi), but mostly on the channel availability in your operator’s base station. if you are under a heavily congested, high traffic station in uttara, you will probably suffer. it may be that the rural sites of gp gives better edge speed if the voice traffic is less.

    there stops my blessings of gp, we are in no way promoting them or in a position where we can be blamed for their service. it is a pure customer evangelism effort of hasin and me, based on us being satisfied with this (rather) location independent isp service, and seeing great opportunities for a wider availibility of internet in bangladesh, that we speak nicely about gp. trust us, we may not be too happy with the rest of their services.

    let hasin and my input be like user ratings on any kind of service, whether rating an internet service, a hotel or a seller on ebay. our ratings and expressions are purely based on our personal experience. lucky us, that had the better side of the experience.

  11. I’m Using Business Solution too. When they gave me the number they told my company that 850 (excluding VAT) taka is all. Later I found I have to give more than that. I have to pay more 150 (excluding VAT) taka as connection fee!

    If it’s not working well in high traffic area like Uttara as other people said, they should do something to improve it. After all we are somewhat depended on them.

    Come out from Sec. 5 and go to Jashimuddin Road, you’ll get 10K+ wish I could get 5K at my home!!!


  12. here you go loser but its using bluetooth 😛

    1. Follow the initial steps in my previous post to create /dev/rfcomm.

    2. Make sure you know which of your serial ports (/dev/ttySX, with a capital S, and X a number between 0 and 3) is not in use. This is important, because you will otherwise disable one of your serial devices. You can discover this by a method of trial and error; I believe any modifications you make here will be reset upon the next boot.

    Remove that unused device. For ttyS1, you will type:

    sudo rm /dev/ttyS1

    Create a link to your working /dev/rfcomm0 connection:

    sudo ln -s /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/ttyS1

    While your rfcomm connection is still up, run the following command:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure wvdial

    This will prompt you with the phone number to dial, your username and your password, and configure your phone. Just to make sure, check that the resulting file, /etc/wvdial.conf, has your phone’s AT commands and your connection info.

    To connect from a terminal, type

    sudo wvdial

    And that should take care of everything. When you want to disconnect, hit Ctrl-C in the terminal running wvdial. It will also disconnect rfcomm.

    As I said before, this configuration will probably not last into the next boot, so you might want to create a shell script that does everything (you will not need to reconfigure wvdial again, just the hardware). The script can be something like this:


    bin/bash rfcomm connect 0 11:22:33:44:55:66 1 & sleep 10 sudo rm /dev/ttyS1 sudo ln -s /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/ttyS1 wvdial

    (Change the 11:22:33:44:55:66 to your phone’s bind address.)

    Please let me know if someone comes up with a more elegant way to get wvdial to recognize rfcomm. On my custom kernel it only scans ttyS0 through ttyS3.

    EDIT: I did find a more elegant solution. After you go through all of the steps above and have your /etc/wvdial.conf file completely configured, edit it, and replace the line


    Modem = /dev/ttyS1


    Modem = /dev/rfcomm0

  13. well… I have a lil comment with very earlier posts…dear Mr.Rassell n’ Mr.Omi Azad, im not neither related to GP nor a personnel to any GP related offices, but I’m a huge criticizer of GP among my frndz, but here I’m also like to praise GP for their GPRS related services. Because when I was in Bogra (my Home town) During this Eid. I was in a village and couldn’t even think about checking my mails but I could do that through GP’s internet solution. And when the question between GPRS and EDGE ..I can say with my tiny knowledge that, GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) is a packet-based wireless communication service that data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps and Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) is a radio based high-speed mobile data standard. It allows data transmission speeds of 384 kbps to be achieved when be available in good radio conditions. That’s mean when you are in any core network (Dhaka or in any Metropolitan Cities) you are using EDGE , but if you are in any village (usually out of any core network and not with good radio condition) you use GPRS . That doesn’t matter where you are (Dhaka or Dinajpur)..but its always EDGE with a good network and rest is GPRS.


  14. Hey guys,

    good day. I am looking for mobile internet business solution. Can anyone of you answer the followings?

    1. is GP providing any mobile internet solution? how much to pay for Xplore package 1 and Xplore package 2? what is the line rent?

    2. What is the price of the pc card GC85 from SE?

    3. any suggestion regarding this matter?

    4. Sould I buy one?

    5. which is the better option grameen post paid or aktel/.”

    Thank you very much

  15. hi bhaia

    i m using a broadband internet connection served by an isp in my locality[malibagh chowdhurypara] and it is serving me 20-30 KBPS at offpick and 5-15 at pick hour… i was satisfied with it except tht the connection gets discontinued frequently at pick hour.

    recently i m planning to try GP EDGE service…but now i have got some questions ahead..

    what should i use? an EDGE set or and EDGE modem?

    whats the speed its going to provide me? does it really depend on the distance to the nearby tower?

  16. before subscribing to GP Edge, please survey about it’s performance in your area. It depends on localtion. Like in shamoli I get very good speed but in uttara #7 or #8 it really sucks

  17. I bought an EDGE modem and GP EDGE enabled SIM. But when I tryed to connect to internet it says “The PPP protocol is terminated” what is the problem? Can any one help?

  18. yes guys, our gp is doing a great job!!!
    But im not using ur most lovely GP bCZ, im a prepaid subscriber, Its ver costly to use a prepaid sim as modem.

    I mailed gp several of times to provide EDGE 2 facility for us.

    but,they havent provided it!!!

    so, Using TELETALK as modem by using the monthly unlimited internet.

    thanks. I think to use any pre paid sim as modem, NOW TELETALK is the best option.

  19. I’ve always felt that grameen phone is the worst possible mobile service provider and one of the criminal business institutions who is incouraging the corruption in Bangladesh. They are somehow telling people to use their service in high rate but just depending on their publicity. If their service was that good for real then they wouldn’t had to do that much publicity or advertizements. Grameen have never been the pioneer in issuing new offers, they reduce their call rate after other reduces, even they offered ISD phone or Internet or GPRS a lot later then other moblie phone companies. In this thread I think only the grameen phone officials or such people have put good words for grameenphone.

  20. I’ve always felt that grameen phone is the worst possible mobile service provider and one of the criminal business institutions who are encouraging the corruption in Bangladesh. They are somehow telling people to use their service in high rate but just depending on their publicity. If their service was that good for real then they wouldn’t had to do that much publicity or advertisements. Grameen have never been the pioneer in issuing new offers, they reduce their call rate after other reduces, even they offered ISD phone or Internet or GPRS a lot later then other mobile phone companies. In this thread I think only the grameen phone officials or such people have put good words for grameenphone.

  21. I am Internet user from Gp internet.

    It is so Expensive. Its monthly payment is Tk. 2200.00

    But TELETALK monthly payment is Tk.850.00

    so, Using TELETALK as modem by using the monthly unlimited internet.

    thanks. I think to use any pre paid sim as modem, NOW TELETALK is the best option.

    So why we cannot use Telletalk modem?

    I Live in a rural area. Here network is not so strong.

  22. Dear Poritus

    You can use GP EDGE for monthly 850taka. Who told u 2200.00 taka?

    U can also use GP Edge from ur prepaid mobiles at 0.02 taka/kb rate

  23. Can you tell me the speed of grameenphone’s unlimited internet connectivity.I heard that you just have to pay Tk.1000 for PC and you will get more than 700 kbps. Is it true?

  24. Hello ppl,

    Im talking about the subject which is discussed by Poriyush and Hasin.

    yes gp provides unlimited monyhly EDGE for 1000 tk, but only for prepaid and you know most of our subscribers in Bangladesh use Pre paid service.
    And Teletalk is the 1st company provide unlimited monthly GPRS for prepaid.
    so. Y nt Teletalk if the avarage downloading speed is 8 – 9kbps, which increases upto 12kbps and decreases 1- 2kbps(very few).

    Im using the service from Segunbagicha. Here GP avrage downloading speed is 8-9.5kbps which also decreases upto 1-2kbps but increases upto 15-16kbps(very rarely).

    so, Y not TELETALK prepaid as a GOOD PC modem??????

    and my phone is nokia 3250 equipped with class 10 EDGE service.


    M useing Teletalk for PC modem now.

    # sarja #

  25. Salam and hi,

    to all Tech freak out there in bangladesh. I recently visited bangaldesh for couple of weeks and to tell you truth i am impressed about GP. I bought SONY ERCIKSON GC83 AND SIERA PCMCIA CARD FROM CANADA and both didnt work in GP internet. I was kind of upset. If anyone wants to used grameen EDGE/GPRS i would highly recommend SONY Erickson GC89 ( Quad Band) PCMCIA CARD (for laptop only). You can buy the card from IDB (Computer Bhaban, Agargau). I bought the card for 11, 500/ TK. You can also get an USB EDGE/MODEM for your desktop for 12,000/TK. I used the service and was happy. 🙂 it was amazing. All i had to do is send request to Grameen via SMS. ( simple). I was having problem with the cards i bought from canada and GP customer service helped me a lot. They are just great. GO BANGLADESH GO.
    Take care all,

    Broadcast Tech.
    toronto, Canada

  26. Hi, me Suman living at Shadarghat Chittagong, I am highly dissatisfied with my Internet connection provider. There average speed is 1.50KBs – 190KBs. Rarely I got at best 3.5 KB. And the most agonizing thing is that most of the time there service is not available to me. (Even in one month 8 – 20 days I stay without connection). In my area they are the only provider. So I have decided to take the GPRS connection from GP.

    Will it be better for me?
    What is there normal speed?
    Is there any other Internet service provider that has more speed in comparison with GP?
    To take the GPRS facility from GP what I have to do?

  27. anybody can tell whats the avg download speed of GP EDGE in different parts of dhaka city? i really need that information and maybe existing users can help.

  28. Dear friends,
    I want to use GP’s internet service in near future. Cause the local broadband service in Malibag is giving me such a headache. Can anyone inform me about the internet speed situation in Malibag, Dhaka.


  29. Hello all,
    My location is Uttara. using GP EDGE p2 for almost 2 months and its giving a good performence though others having difficulties. I’m using Sonyericssons GC89 modem with a driver/firmware update from its product website. So far i did download 1GB within 2 days with an avg. of 12-17kB. But the problem is, after sometimes connection gets disconnected due to heavy loads!(not all the time) dont know whats the actual problem is?! Modem or GP. I’ve heard the latest 1 from sonyeric…(pc300 or something)is good. Haven’t tried that. The highest speed i ever get is 60kB and avg.30-35kB in Tongi/konabari non-stop and connection naver fails. From my experience, At my Balcony i get good speed where in my room i dont get that much and yeah it depends on the angle(try moving the angle, believe me it works) Sounds funny but afterall is a radio link 🙂
    The only reason i’m writing here is to discourage you to use those bullshit broadband isp’s those take a lot of money but give a little output. like 64/32k for 1000-15000tk!! useless.I basically like to use DSL (while living abroad)but its impossible to get DSL with a good speed of 1/2mb as well as monthly 2000-4000tk in BD. Got no choise but to wait for a blessings…
    At last, from my experience Gp is providing the best net service with a resonable price in BD so far and i do agree with those who agree. Cheers!!

  30. To HelpBot,
    hello bro. I have some question for u that is sony-ericsson’s GC89 modem is for laptop only as far as i knew but can i also use it with my pc and yeah PC300 is one of the best cards but it is also for laptop. Which modem should I use to get good speed? bcz in our country the modem I found seems to me as toy.
    But in internet i found some nice featured quad band EDGE modem (bit high pricy) they seem good with there high antena.

    best luck

  31. >Don juan
    Well, GC89 is not only for laptops but also desktops. All you need a (32bit card bus slot/hardware) . Just Google it! i dont know whether its available in BD’s market or not. You can look for it. But personaly i’ll not recommend to buy GC89 because its not stable and it cant give the highest output as GP is providing like 384kbps. I bought it because i didn’t have any choise. Just waiting for the pc300. I cant recommend you to buy any USB modem, like you said. Where at IDB, there is very few choices and i wonder why they are not importing such any good modems though public demand is higher. After all, choise is yours but the specification and brand is the main thing.
    All the best!

    If anyone using GC89 pls let me know if you are facing the same problem like mine and of course let me know if you got any (Hard/software based)solution for that. So far i did update hardware driver and software but no good result. Its pain to monitor all the time whether line is alive or dead 😦 -thanks

  32. Hi.I want to use my Siemens CT65 as a GPRS modem. I have data cable and my SIM is GP Explore. Pls inform me how to set.

    Thanks to all.

    ( I also thank firstly GP and secondly Banglalink for their service. But Aktel and Citycell…..???????????????? Eta ki kono service?)

  33. Hi I am Arefin staying at shamoly area. I have taken a broadband internet connection from a local Cyber Cafe they use Drishtee online as ISP.

    The fact is dat.. when i took the connection, at the beginning i got speed 20-25 KB (I think they did it to attract me!!). but later it came down as low as 11-12KB then drop to 8-9KB and now i am geting only 7-8 KB on average.

    Now I am getting sick of it!! I have been using it for 3 months n have to give them as much as 1000/= per month. on top of that I had to give them 2000/= as installation charge(non-refundable). Again the most agonizing thing is that they turn off their connection whenever there’s bad weather(Thunder, Storm, Rains,Hails etc.) for their safety of HUBs as the HUBs are likely to get damaged by thunderstrikes, they say. Due to that unavailabiliy of service in an unspecified time sometimes I cant do my important tasks when I need.

    So I am keen to have EDGE connection. I think I should give a try. if it gets better or even gives the same performance still i will go with EDGE as u know for mobility n round the clock availabiliy of service.

    But Can anyone suggest which one will be better to use with computer: Cellphone or EDGE modem? as far as performance is concerned. Well with EDGE modem can I perform the job of Calling n Recieving (as using SIM card) through my computer(Software)?

    And HASIN bhai as u said u r getting pretty good speed by Grameen EDGE using it in SHAMOLY Area. Can u give more details about the performance/Speed?

  34. I have nokia 6630 and the edge speed of it is 236 kbps(kilo bit per second)and i got continous 20 kilo byte per second speed in Sylhet.this is a very good my question is if I use any EDGE modem instead of the mobile, is there any chance of increasing the speed?

  35. hi,
    can i get help about simence cx75 gp edge configuration.
    i use on the mobile but i want to use in pc.
    my sim is postpaid

  36. Hi All,

    It is really an interesrting and hot discussion on the fact how GP is serving as an ISP!!! 🙂

    Like any other Service, natuarlly, there will be some satistied subscriber and some unsatisfied. As an EDGE subscriber of GP, I will agree with both category. I have bitter experiences while travelling with my laptop justifies the fact that GP’s EDGE service is not consistent whole over the country and as most of the subscribers are in Dhaka, some areas where GP’s network is not much strong, but i can’t deny the fact that through this service I have the ability to be connected with the internet even in a place where electricity didn’t go, such as my native village using an latest set that supports GPRS or EDGE ( I’m using Nokia 6151 with CLASS 10 EDGE – 386 kbps).

    But one thing I’ve come to find that though GP’s service is satisfying a lot of users’ requirements, it is still can not be treated as an ISP as it is providing a proxy based service instead of gateway. Instead the service can be called as limited Data Service. The reason I’m telling this is, I’m not sure whether any of you tried or not, you can’t connect to a remote SQL server (didn’t tried with mySQl or other db server) even though I was having speed more than 20 KBps as access to the required ports are not granted in their proxy rule. Instead of using a gateway with firewal confugured with critical restricted ports, they are running a simple proxy software granting access to normally used prots and protocols. Actually, this is just my idea abt the service and I’m not sure and also I may be proved wrong. But untill I’m being proved wrong in this regard, I may say “Thank You” GP for its data service provided though its big network but can’t tell it a good ISP – as I think it has manycritical configuration issues like the one I mentioned above.


  37. ami sobar comment porlam. karo karo sathe ak mot, abar karo sathe na. ami tongi te thaki. akhane GP ar EDGE service khob e kharap. EDGE modem and NOKIA N73 dia use koreo vhalo speed pai nai. 2-5 kbps paua jay 11kbps a akbar uthe 1kbps a neme ase. Amar kotha hochche GP jodi EDGE a speed dite na pare tahole service off kore dik. manuske eivhabe kosto dia luv ki ? monthly atogola taka dite hoy othocho service ar belay kisoi nai. vary sad. GP ‘r bojha uchit… sorry for my bangla comment

  38. warid is also giving unlimited edge service @1000tk.can anyone tell me the speed of warid edge pls?

  39. Hi Guys, Good Afternoon though there still Night (8:30 P.M). Ohh Sorry, U r confused….. Ok let me clear, I’m SHAIKAT from SYDNEY. Actually today I read some serious topic from all of ur comment thought I have no claim about this caz u know now I’m so far from it. I just wana say that I was a user of GP & now I’m mising my GP service…. Anyone can give me a information about my SIM, actually when I came here I brought my SIM with me now I want to know if there any system to recharge my SIM to stay in Australia?? Though my SIM valid untill 13th of May 2008. Ok Take Care & Bye….

  40. hi raihan bhai. Warid has no EDGE service yet. And speed is really suck. For testing purpose I bought a prepaid sim. As soon as I insert the sim my Nokia 6288 indicate that warid network is gprs (G) while my gp sim indicate edge (E). To be confirm I called the customer service and they told me that edge service is no longer available now.

    They just lie in their website.

    Anyway I also contact with Citycell customer manager. They assure me that their download speed will be 10~12Kbps.

    Anyone has realtime experience with citycell. Gp is not working great in my area. I got 4~5 Kbps in day time. and 12~14 Kbps at night.


  41. 10 KB is not even a speed, but I think its more than enough for the present situation, but Im not happy with this speed, there should be more bandwidth, come on guys! we are connected with the submarine cable now, whats good if it is not properlu utilized ?

  42. Ato shob alochona holo. ebar to ekata final conclusion hoa uchit. atoboro aeta alochonar summary dea uchit – ki korbo, r ki na. ami khubi confused oboshthae achi . Jehetu blogta hasin vaer , tae taake onurudh korchi shobar montobber vittite ekta gudiline publish korte. please vaeaaaaa . . . !

    ” rakkhosh // Jul 11th 2007 at 12:56 pm

    10 KB is not even a speed ”

    !!!!!! ?????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!

    Vaere moner dukkkher kotha r ki bolbo ! apnar lekha pore chokhe pani eshe galo ! Dhanmondite thaki. ISP re bill dae mashe 1000 TK. download speed is average 3 KB ! mashe gore 10 din connection thakena. Tader phone korte gea aro 100 TK khoroch !

    10KB pele ami milad ditam !

  43. On average getting 7-10 kilobytes using nokia 3230….. quite good speed for bangladesh….

    million times better service than F** broadband…. Thanks to GP…..

    Another thing is, speed depends on the congestion of the cell (area)….. so it’s natural to get different speeds at different places….

    can anybody suggest me which EDGE modem to buy????

  44. I’ve been using GP’s internet service for almost 3 years now… I’ve used it in three different areas – Mohammadpur, Eskaton, Uttara. The speed varies and I get the lowest in uttara.

  45. Cool discusson buddies sounds like GP EDGE is rocking the nation. i’be been using NOKIA 6630 as edge modem & wired to get minimum 6k/s and max 29k/s. in Farmgate area.

  46. Recently Hasin get pissed off by GP and went to Citycell Zoom and he is really happy with this connection. Some days ago I wrote comments about this mobile Internet connection, you can have a look at that from here.
    How come Warid is giving you 29K/s ? If you see that spped, how long 29K stays rolling?

  47. Hey I used Nokia 6085 and got very Impressive speed compared to Nokia 3230….. it was always 10-15 kB/s…..

    Then, i bought a Nokia N73 ME and speed was blazing…. most of the time 15-25KB/s….. per hour download rate was more than 60MB….

    BUT, recent few days (may be from last week) my speed is not crossing 5-7 KB/s…… what’s the matter…. does anybody know whether grameen has capped the speed or not??? if they’ve done so…. i better got back to the broadband service….

  48. I have got a really complicated problem. If anyone can provide me with any sorts of useful information that will be really helpful for me…Here it goes:

    I have got the Dell XPS M1330 Notebook and I want to access wireless broadband through cellular service from GP……..but my notebook just supports ExpressCard 34/54 pin slots unlike the available PCMCIA CARD. Is there any EDGE Card available to fit in my Express slot, or if anyone got a HSDPA card, cld one let me know if it will it allow me to access EDGE and GPRS through a GP SIM….

  49. hey guys!!

    first of all i simply wud lyk to say dat i’m totally fu**ed up wid GP.i’ve been using unlimited edge service 4 more than a year,living at eskaton garden,dhaka.i had a set Motorola v3i wid gprs class10 n da highest speed i got with dat was i have nokia5700.its a edge class32 set n now da highest speed i get is 13Kbps.but its rarely,maybe just once or twice in a month.most of da tym i get speed below 3Kbps.

    wot m i supposed to do guys.plz ne1 help me.i bought this new set just 4 networking purpose

  50. Hi everybody! If you have time, please take a look at: .

    They’re focusing their internet capability in the homepage. Ironically, the EDGE service is so varied everywhere. In some places you get around 10 KB/sec, whereas in other places it’s less than 1 KB/sec!

    I live near Dhanmondi, Rifles Square. Believe it or not what GP calls High Speed Internet in their advertisements, is slower than any dial-up connections I’ve ever used! It takes ages to open the google page even, so imagine what happens to other sites. I could barely browse anything. GP INTERNET SIMPLY SUCKS

  51. Hi, you all know the monopoly of BTTB in internet. It’s shocking indeed. More shocking to me is the continuous overlooking this serious problem by all the governments. At least I thought this well educated government at least realise the problem and take quick steps. But alas!

    It seems all the governments of our country wanted to say us – “If you need technology then go outside of the country. This is not the right place. We only need other countries simpathy by showing our miserable condition. So, technology, go away!”

    We few friends were too much frustrated on so called local broadband service with 6-7 KBPS with unlimited inturruption. So, we started using mobile internet. It’s not good comapring to the lowest cost internet outside. But better than the local broadband services.

    What we now see is – the data rate varies place to place and time to time. It also varies in different devices we use for internet. We tried to compare the data rate in . Please have a look and share your experience by sending us feedback and comments in that blog.

  52. Hi All,
    I will be visiting Dhaka in December and wondering how to get the fastest and most reliable wireless internet access. I will be working and logging in to my company servers in the US through VPN and ssh.
    will appreciate any suggestions/recommendations.


  53. Hasib – I hope you are following this conversation here.

    For the highest speed – you might consider using Citycell ZOOM.

    So far, they have proved to provide a stable down link in different parts of the map.

    Hasin Bhai himself uses it at time I believe.

    Their dataplan is not unlimited like GrameenPhone EDGE, so yea, with great speed comes a little extra payment.

  54. Hi
    Honours for All

    Recently I have bought a post paid sim from GP for unlimited internet access for pc. My mobile set is LG M4410 with
    Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
    HSCSD No
    EDGE Class 6, 177.6 kbps . My location is Mirpur Arambag Housing neer section 7
    I am in so horrible experience for gp connection for internet.
    I connect gp through cable and bluetooth and logged in as speed shows 115 kbps but the problem is web page has yet not been seen, it shows cannot find server even google searce page. Most importantly the communication speed between DATA Sent and Received is 7000 and 300 in log in status monitor and ultimately it stacked in some point neer 10000 and 300……………………….
    Any 1 can suggest me about this for my immediate releif

  55. if you are getting edge/gprs connection from any mobile phone operator for downloadloading youtube videos, u are out of luck. i have tried all mobile internet connections except banglalink. all of them use some kind of software to reduce youtube video download speed, but other downloads are better if not good. they make browsing speed good and youtube download speed slow so they can satisfy more users with less bandwidth.

  56. Hi
    i am using GP’s edge with my N70 and i am satisfied with it. can anyone tell me if it is going to effect my cell ?

  57. plz, can anyone tell me that with BUSINESS SOLUTION of GP, is there any monthly tarrif or bundle fee? and What iz the rate of monthly UNLIMITED EDGE Service?

  58. I am using GP EDGE and the speed is very very satisfying in my area. It is 25 to 30 Kilobyte per second! in the day time and also in the night. i have downloaded more than fifteen GB s in 11 days.

  59. If any body needs any information do not hesitate to conact with me.

  60. hi imranul islam, u r really getting tremendous speed. but in which location u r getting this speed? i heard the speed varies from location to location..

  61. Hello people,

    I am Sarja from Shegunbagicha.
    Now I use unlimited monthly internet from GP ( smile pre paid). Wow, its a great facility for me because at last GP has provided unlimited internet facility for pre paid.

    As a pre paid user from 2001, it was difficult for me to change number(Post paid) to use unlimited internet. but now Im very happy because I can use unlimited from my own prepaid number.

    THNX to GP.

    what ever, Im getting a good speed, just now i have downloaded a software and i got speed avarage 15 – 16 kbps; but the highest speed was 19 kbps.

    Not bad, GP speed is no doubt better than others.


    # sarja #

  62. oh sorry, I missed to mention that I use sony ericsson W810i set for internet and it is a EDGE (class 10) enabled phone.


    # sarja #

  63. hi ilive in Gazipur,chowrasta.with teletalk i used to get 8-10 kbps download speed.(my handset is siemens cx 75).but now with gp i m getting only 2-3 .what should i do?anyway to increase speed?pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaase someone let me know.

  64. I am using GP edge for all most one year.At first I used Motorola V3 and edge speed was horrible.Now I use Nokia 6233 and speed is amazing.I can download at the average speed of 12Kpbs.I am living in Sylhet.

  65. plz nobody use bloody GP completely sucks,worthless piece of shit.teletalk is hundred times better.bloody gp gives me only 2-3.5 kbps.any chance to increase speed?is that increase during offpeak hour,plz let me know

  66. @ Zoha, if ur mobile set is enabled only GPRS,then u can never get more than 5/6 KBps. but if ur mobile set has EDGE enabled option, then u can expect to get around 15–20 KBps using GRAMEEN PHONE.
    to me,I m using GP Unlimited Internet through Nokia N70 Music Edition which has EDGE option. and i m getting good speed around 22-25 KBps.. though the call charge of GP sucks. but the browsing + downloading speed of GP is quite better than other companies.

  67. @tonmoy
    ya my set is siemens cx 75 gprs,but how come ised to get 8-9 speed wth there any software to increase speed .plz let me know

  68. you maybe can get 15-20kbps downloading files from servers like etc. but you will never get that speed when downloading(or watching) youtube videos. when files download at 15-20kbps, youtube videos download at 2-3kbps.

    youtube video speed is capped.

  69. well, rapidshare –youtube–megashare, these type of things provide low bandwith,so u cant get better speed.. but if u have a direct download link,then u can oviosly get the best speed certainly.
    i noticed very closely that, GP’s EDGE Speed in download around 20–30 KBps( kilobyte) range in diffrnt locations, and browsing speed near about 8–12 KBps..thts my experience with an EDGE Enabled Mobile set( Nokia N70 ME)

  70. for youtube i get 40kilobytes/sec at office dedicated line. if i download 2 videos then i get 80kB/sec. maybe rapidshare is slow. but youtube is definitely not slow. it is meant for viewing online. so it cannot be slow.

    grameen and all others have youtube speed capped. they release youtube speed after 12:30 am or so.

  71. Eid Mubarak to you all. Pls remember about the CIDR affected people who are now helpless & Shelterless.
    Thank you

  72. Warid EDGE (Cover In Dhaka city)VS GrameenPhone EDGE (Covers all part of Bangladesh)

    Warid EDGE a GrameenPhone EDGE ar chey valo speed
    ami age grameenphone EDGE use kortam (15-20Kbps)
    akon Warid EDGE use kori (25-29Kbps)
    much better then GP

  73. Warid EDGE (Cover In Dhaka city) VS GrameenPhone EDGE (Covers all part of Bangladesh)

    Warid EDGE (nokia n80+zahi 50+unlimited EDGE) = 25~29Kbps

    GrameenPhone EDGE (nokia n80+explore 2+unlimited EDGE) = 15~19Kbps

  74. hello all,

    I am getting 22kbs now at kakrail by using my nokia 3250 (3rd generation symbian phone).

    but its true that the speed varies very much because las night the speed was as lower as 1 – 2 kbps. but avarage i get 8 10kbps.


    # sarja #

  75. Hi all, I am living at Mohakhali, I use Nokia 6230 as a permanent Bluetooth modem & use Explore 1+Unlimited EDGE, I get avarage 15-20kbps speed for p2p like LimeWire for video, mp3 downloading. I have to pay Tk – 1365/= (Unlimited EDGE charge +Line rent+Vat). Now my Question is if I use Explore Package 2 + Unlimited EDGE with no phone call how much I have to minimum pay? Please answer me who use “Explore 2 withUnlimited EDGE”

  76. i want to buy a edge modem.
    which one should i?
    1)Popular(Update) edge modem.
    2)Sony Ericsson GC89 EDGE modem+PCI to PCMCIA desktop card
    or anything else?
    i also want to the last price of these ??
    can anybody tell me ?

  77. I am using gp edge for some days from BASABOO. I get 1-2 kbps! This is called GP EDGE!!! What should I say ? dail-up is better than gp.another thing i can say, in near future gp-edge user’s will say[ GP–“SIMPLY CHEATER”].

  78. GP is totally fraud, you won’t get even 4kbps if you use GPRS class12 or EDGE class12 hand set (i’m using Nokia9300i), now trying to buy Nokia N95 8gb, which is GPRS class 32 and EDGE class32, to check if I get more B/W, using this bustard mobile operator’s internet last 8 month !!!

  79. GP hoilo madarchod fraud, shuorer bacchara amar theke hajar taka nicche last 8 months, but ami kono b/w pacchi na, kuttar bacchara shudhu boro boro kotha bolate ostad.

  80. Shawkat, what an way to outburst in public blog !!!

    If GP not giving u the service u r expecting for 8 months, why don’t u switch to another company like Zitycell ZOOM who gives you atleast 15 kBps on average? or maybe NationalPhone as I mentioned b4.
    Anyway, its all upto indivisual people .. So u decide, but please don’t use public place to outburst like this. Thats a request.

  81. can anybody tell me———–>

    #APN(access point name) and Dial no of warid

    #APN and dial no of Teletalk

  82. warid
    apn: internet
    dial: *99#

    apn: wap
    dial: *99#

    i dial *99# for teletalk and it works. teletalk customer care tells to dial *99***1#

    when u see a number like *99***1#, the 1 in this number refers to the connectivity data profile number on the handset. in some handsets u will simply not need this.

  83. Dear All Warid Valued Customer,

    Thank you for interesting WARID Telecom International Limited EDGE Service. We sincerely appreciate your advice and suggestion for us.
    As per your request we forwarded your e-mail to our concern department and we are trying our level best to speed up our edge service.

    In the given link you can get information about our ISP speed. We are trying to make this speed stable. We are still working on that.
    We believe in delivering quality and affordable services to our prospective and existing customers.

  84. warid er speed holo 48 Kilobits/sec or 6 KiloBytes/sec. ei dalal ra sob bhul information dicche. maybe the speed test that he showed, is of whole warid server. that speed is divided among all users and u will get no more than 6 KBps.

  85. i am use GP since 1 year.
    first time i get 80Kbps. now i get 135Kbps all time.
    Warid also offer good speed. i am try zem fun with n70 and get 90kbps.

  86. hello, everyone.
    i am use national phone Internet.
    NP offer good speed on Internet.
    i am use NP handset with built in modem and get 144Kbps all time.
    NP customer center told me if u use EV-DO modem to get up to 230Kbps.

    see the tariff of NP Internet.


  87. Hi, everybody

    thanks for all the information about GP services. It was indeed good at the start, but now it’s fu**ing pathetic… I hope some other operator starts another unlimited internet service soon and I can get rid of this shitload. damn… Do not go for GP EDGE unless you live in a deserted island where you are the only user. lol

  88. can any1 say how to setup p2p port forwarding with gp edge modem…
    any help is cordially accepted…

  89. warid unlimited package is available only at postpaid connection. the lowest cost pospaid connection is zahi 50. it has 100 tk monthly rent and gives 100 min free every month to any mobile and also 50 sms. internet charge is 1150 tk including vat. so total is 1250 tk.

    prepaid has only the 0.02tk/kByte package.

    i used warid unlimited with se w810 and nokia 6020, speed is 6 kBytes/sec ( in my area edge available). it will almost always have 6 kb/sec.

  90. Edge speed means faster than GPRS by at least 8 times. as Warid is very much newer in BD.i hope they will provide the real Edge speed to the subscribers very soon.
    Sign by Dealighted – Coupons and Deals

  91. GP always say they are provide EDGE. i know EDGE support up to 247kbps speed. i am use GP since 1 year in sylhet. haa…. speed is only 3~7kb/sec.. i am always hate GP. now i use Warid, it will almost always have 6~7 kb/sec. and i hope Warid will provide the real Edge speed very soon.

    go ahead Warid…..

  92. how can i activate teletalk gprs in mobile?what are the messages should i sent to teletalk n in which nmbr?(For both /kByte package n unlimited package)……………………..HELP ME

  93. for 0.02tk/kB sms “reg” to 111

    for unlimited sms “unl” to 111

    both will cost 25tk registration charge. when u register unlimited, they will send a sms telling you what balance u need to keep in ur mobile for using internet for the rest of the month. charge ur mobile that amount tk within 12am(night) that day. for example if u register on 20th march u need to keep balance for 10 days. they will again send sms 1-2 days before the next month telling how much balance u need to keep to continue using internet(that is 920tk). if u don’t have that balance on 1st day of next month then u are automatically disconnected. u have to register again to use unlimited internet (will cost 25tk again).

    u must use “gprsunl” as unlimited apn. if u use “wap” then they might charge 0.02/kB though u have registered for unlimited use.

    if u once register for /kB package, then u can again use it after using unlimited for some days.

  94. Dear Hasin,

    I am using several of the Edge Anik USB modems in my office. Initially they work but after a short period the connection ends (and it is still shown that it is connected to gp). If I try to disconnect, it won’t work until I restart the computer. Do you have any idea what might be the reason for this on several computers with several Modems?

  95. I am getting very poor performance from GP I use ANIK Edge modem. I only get 50kbps/Sec which is about 7Kbps. Any suggestion. I also get very low signal only one bar.

  96. im from Shankar, Dhanmondi

    and im using Nokia N70 as usb modem … using USB cable

    i used to get around 22 KBPS couple of months ago.. nowadays i get only 7 KBPs maximum 12 KB

    so next month im switching to my local BB service provider. if i pay that bastard 2000 bucks he’ll give me around 65 KBPS
    will have to bribe him again. .. .

    this country sucks … in 38 years it has given us pollution corruption and what not. now the army ruling us. pathetic

    the 1971 war was for nothing … NOTHING

  97. did anyone use citycell Zoom??? i’ve heard Zoom connection is higher than GP and others.. can any one tell me for sure???? is it right or wrong?? whats its speed??? I have used EDGE in tongi, but its speed is sucks…

  98. Hi Guys,
    I live in US. I am coming to Bangladesh for 5 months and will stay in Moghbazar, Dhaka in most part. I work for a US company and will be working (VPN to work network) from Bangladesh so needs decent internet connection. I don’t think GP or other broadband connection from Phone companies will work. I checked with few ISP providers. Most of these providers have dedicated or shared services. Dedicated lines are pretty expensive. Any suggestion?

  99. Hasin Gp ki tor baper company,850 tk dia tor guar vitor dhukaibo unlimited,I am a gprs enginiers of GP, there speed is good but its monthly bill 1200, and extra charge for postpaid is 150,all=1350.
    And every one hire internet from BTTB or Teletalk,.We GP,Aktel,BL,Warid also hire Internet from there. So, i Hope Who want speed,He/She Use teletalk.And its fee is:800 tk.+15% (vat)=920 Tk.And there is Some package, You can get 2Mbps Speed From Teletalk,BUT its cost 35000 (monthly),256 Kbps=1100 Tk,640 Kbps=2000 Tk, But in our line there is no packge,and there’s speed always jumping

  100. Now I have found the cause for why the speed of internet decrease from first time use.
    ******The cause is watching of porn,simple videos.
    My speed is now:
    Monthly Rent:1265/-
    Modem:Sentar ST-E02
    Connection:GP EDGE Xplore1
    All are fine cost me about 7000 Taka Better than all in Mymensingh.

  101. frdss i want a frm mohammadpur adabour..i use bb i want to use a high speed conection czz i alzz do voice chat and call net phone…plzz tell anyone what conection is best for voice caht and others..what line should i use……???

  102. this is ma home broadband internet speed test..can anyone telll me me is it good or bad…

  103. balr kobe massg dia rakci kau reply daina..motherchodgo blog aita…kon codanir pogo blog…bal ami gp sedi use korlam kankir polago balr speed ar caye amr line valo….kankirpolago dhon keicca internet bair koron lagbo

  104. GrameenPhone Khub kharap speed dey.
    Barisal a Rod porle 18 KB thake R Megh korle 253 bytes hoye jay.

  105. Bal INTERNET chalay.

    GP Pare na Call rate komate abar INTERNET chalay.

    Chat nai meyar bondhuk Kande

  106. are sono 4oootk die modem dan permaonth 1265 tk die jodi matro 10kb pai ata ki kub labjonok…itzz fucking…ar caye amr bradband e valo 700 takai 16kB dicce..mohammadpur brisk r conection a…sunteci aro barbe..grameenphone a amr ak aunkle job kore..uni bollo ar kisudin por grameenr internet service bondo hoi jabe ora load dite parcena…ata tik rakte hole oder spectrum mechine kinte hobe ja 80core taka…so vai janera gramen n puro gprs edge agual bad den…agualr pice tka nos2 na kore fuck kora valo…amra fuck korci apni fuck korcen2….ai dialoge nia bose taken kotha dilam…

  107. anybody is their? i need that modem driver software for (Sagem my 700x mobile set). if anyone have this software plzzzzzzzzzzz send it to my mail as an attachment.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlep mail address is (

  108. mother chod kankir pola baine chod sobgula aikane jara likse…..balr internet calas tora..togo sob chudi……………………

  109. I am in love with this blessing of technology. I remember 4/5 years ago there was no network coverage of grameen phone in my village (at sherpur). We had to use an external antenna with the handset to use it for calling. Now a days, when i go to my village, I hardly feel I am out of Dhaka. All I need is a laptop and an edge enabled handset. Browsing and downloading at 28 Kilobytes (234 kbps) in a remote place which is almost 200 km away from dhaka, is really a superb experience. Now that, GP’s edge cost’s only an edge enabled handset and monthly 1150 Taka (850 for BizSol) has really enabled an internet user to roam around the country with a very stable connection.

    Although GP charges highest among all the operators, they also do provide a very good and flexible service. although I still prefer my X-net connection at home, I use GP’s edge service whenever I go out of Dhaka. What I liked most is the sms based instant activation/deactivation and daily basis charge. The daily charge is around 38 taka. I use it for 3/4 days then turn off the service easily through another SMS.

    Still I think GP should decrease the Edge charge, specially for package-1.
    2.3 Paisa/KB, that is 23 Taka per MB is too high. The BB I am using at home used to charge me 2000 Taka for a 288 kb connection and after the decrease in bandwidth cost, they reduced it to 1650 taka in last month. So GP should also come up with such a decrease.

    Thanks to GP (for their service) and Mr. Hasin for such a nice topic.

    Hasibul Islam

  110. Fuck gp, fuck their edge service. I get only 15-20KBps from Mirpur. No reply against complain. They(telenor) should be banned from bangladesh. Hard fuck them.. assholes..

  111. hey stupid,u fuck urself.
    15-20 pao,tobu tmr shona vorena..
    Manger nati, gp na ashle tmr bouer kala voda kew chudteo ashtona..
    Tor goa dia shona voira dewa dorkar..sonofabitch.

    Vodro hou, okay..
    Dekhlato ki motherfuckng situation e porla.
    Gp k fuck krbo, bt u do use gp..
    Teletalk use koro..

    Toder moto bainchod der shona kete langta magir bajare chere dewa dorkar..bujchosh?

    Er por theke vodro vasha use krbi.

    Everybody, I’m xtremely sory,
    nongramir jnne..
    But gp fucker k shikkhato dewa dorkar,naki..

    Gp khub valo service dae,ta na.but ja dae ta to r kw dite parcena. Gp shushece,thk. Bt amrao shoshn chai, 200 yr er habit akdine bodlaena..
    Then amdr teletalk valo service dite pare,bt dosha kharap..baddho hoe gp use krte hocce..
    Ami teletalk die cal kori,r gp ta shudhu reciv,
    teletalk er net use kreci, continious 8-10 kb peyeci,
    cal rate shb cheye km,je kono no ei ak..15 sec pulse,
    to kan gp use kori, because oi gp fucker moto fuckd howa like kori..

    So, use teletalk.
    Its best.

  112. GP SUCKS>>>for not telling about the details ablout the internet
    did u know—gp has a very bad latency!!!! cus its wireless@@@!!!!
    they will never tell.!!
    they dont know the meaning of latency first of all@!!
    b4 getting the edge service they told me the speed will be 100kb above….
    i subcribed it like dumb now i am in vain! :(:(
    i even bought a falto anik modem from gpcentre for about 10000tk and its worse it always gets disconnected and bla bla bla!!!
    cant explain i told them about the problem of my modem but they dont see it cuz they dont have the eyes to see and brain to think!!

  113. To Tanveer Vai,
    its a bad experience for me using EDGE connection with da modem SonyEricsson k770i @ Mirpur-1. i m getting on avg 2/3 KB. tooooo slow to work. its not sufficient for me.
    may b da radio planner assigns low B/W in da some specific area of dhaka.
    wish GP will increase B/W very soon in these places.

  114. Onnoder kotha jani na tobe ami gp te ekhon speed passi 20 kbps ja 16 er niche name na and highest 27 kbps uthe, i am using p4 service with nokia n73

  115. Using national khilgaon.
    continue speed..18-13 disconnection.

    Please do not use..bad words in online to the person who is unknown to u. The communication
    speed varies from area to area.
    But, the Providers should check this..according to the customer complains.

    I do use GP b4(1 yr ago) ..That time i got 1/1.4 kbps ( The worst month in my life) I can’t forgot that sick experience.
    One of my friend use..smilebd..He go 30-60kbps.. Believe it..

    Thanks everybody..

  116. smilebd line dekhi shobcheye bhalo…they provie smooth connectivity along with good bandwidth…i live in adabor n i use GP’S P3 package for quite sometime its not that bad…f0r only 345 taka per month…

  117. vai ame pai 15-35 kbps….. avarage 20-30…… er che beshi speed je kobe pabo….. gp aro speedy system chalu korle valo hoy..ame 3110c and n82 both sets e same speed pai…..

  118. y dnt u guys use national phone to use internet..its speed is much batter dn grameen phone, specially download speed….tryy it man all da best…

  119. we live in mirpur
    Speed vary place to place.
    before september ive got more thn 30KB dl speed.
    tht time ip address gula diffrnt silo (i alwz wrote all ip addrss after connect and disconnect etc.)
    but now its not more thn 5KB with my N82 (plz don tell me about EDGE mobile, we r not kids here)
    and the point is all the ip addresses also changed

  120. lolzzz. jekuno DNS server er shate register kore GP/TALETALK/WARID. user korei dekhun…
    lodzaa isp dns i fink apnader kache ache. so ogular DNS taa churi kore boshie din TCP/Ip con er DNS e. alzo.
    Simple ekta bash… USA hosting kuno server er ip te ping diye fele rakhun… GP disconnect o korte parbe naa… aar apnar connection o active thakbe 24×7.

    GP TE CHURIR — Jogajog korun. 😉


  121. My GP edge speed is increasing day by day:)
    IT’s now 27.2KB/s in Torrents and 27-35KB/s in IDM:)
    and the matter of surprise is my Last month Bill was 603.33Taka and this month only 667.89TAKA:D

  122. hi guys,
    i want to tell something about GP and citycell.first i would like to say that if u want to get good speed u shouldnt use ur mobile phone as a modem becauze it would be a a great waste of time both for your browsing and internet activities as well as it would be harmfull foe ur cell phone. if u want to get good speed than u should buy a good edge modem. i use Sentar modem.and it is not bad at all.i get speed 20-30 KBPs.the speed of gp very from place to place.if u use it in mirpur , polton or bonani or somewhere nearer with that mentioned places then u have a chance to get a good speed around 30-40 KBPs and if u use it in khilgoan or santinogor that type of places than u might get an average or lower than average speed around 15-30 KBPs.

    now the ques may arise why the speed as so much vary from place to place.the answer is the speed is good in that places where voice calls are less and as a result thos places network remain free and u get good speed like mirpur and where the voice call are more there speed is less becuz network was busy all the time.

    but now a days i preffer citycell most becuz now it has reduce its charge(5GB-700 taka) and (7 GB-1000 taka) and no disconeection but gp has disconnection problem after 3 or may 2.30 minutes it disconnect.but citycell have not this type of problem

  123. hi lastboy i want to meet with u.tomar idea atar kotha ami thik bojlam na.akto bekkha kore bojhie bole ki.kivabe isp te register korbo ai bepar goli.

  124. arekta kotha bolt chai Asole GP akta bainchot.Gp dia rapidshare link download korai jayna.othoso citycell dia sathe sathe jotokhon icha rapidshare download kora jay.ami citycell mirpur 1 a use korsi.I got 50 KBPS stable download speed.i am really satisfied with that. ar citycell a disconnect ar kono problem nai.

  125. Poritush i think u r the most foolish person here.u used GP EDGE package 1 which means P1 thats why ur bill is 2200.i use business solution and P2 package .it deducts 850 taka excluding VAT.but now i want suggest evrybody to use citycell becuz now it has reduced its charge 5gb-700 taka so its huge

  126. for(;1;){
    echo “fuck you grameenphone”;

    echo “fuck you grameen phone”;

    echo “adhachoda gremeenphone tore pura choda korbo”;

    echo “adhachoda gremeen phone tore pura choda korbo”;


  127. i would like to use aktel internet with edge modem.but didn’t find APN & DIAL NO for that.send me this information…….plzzzzzz

  128. prothom a GP internet somondhe ekta kotha bolte hoi je era amader soson korse.ekdike tk R ek dike somoi.porichoy kore disse kharap pujuktir hate.ami gp er modem use kori.jeta ama ke mentaly vabe kill korese. jai hook amader kosto GP konodin bujhe ni R vobissote bujbe na.Tobe ekta kotha boli alo-r asa kore ondhokare pore gelam.GP er alo jodi atai tobe ami boli thamun.amader koste orjito tk gulo pani te felben na.amra jatigoto vabe gorib.valo thakben

  129. gp khub kharap net service sorkar jodi max chalu kore tobe era ektu neje ke bodlabe onnothai era ghumeye ghumeye manusder alo dekhabe.

  130. The people at GP are the most ignorant snots in the whole country, the publish the mails that kiss their asses but never not for once published a mail that criticized them.
    I have used edge service and I activated edge as soon as it was available, but recently i stopped it.
    not very long ago (though it seems so) speed would be above 35 but it came down down and down to 2 kB/s and despite many calls and mails the situation never improved.
    Anytime i called GP call center first of all it would be busy, GP in their entire stay never once apologized for this and on top of that went on to make crappy ads about how great their call center is.
    Then even before explaining my problem they would come up with probably recorder voice “It’s traffic problem” being a computer science graduate that hurts me, I know how networks work I didn’t need it to know from some punk with a headset.
    sorry if my comments sound like a outburst but that’s how I (and I believe many others) feel and i found a good place to share.

  131. GP INTERNET ami use korsi.tobe speed jeta seta mone hoi venge fele dei modem R pc.kono kisui valo lage na.sudhu ekta golpo bolte issa hoi “golpo ta holo soto belai amr bon er bag theke 20 tk churi kore celam,sei tk ta deye khata kinbo.karon amar bon sei somoi earn member celo.seidin vebe celam tk churi korar osojjo!!.. aaj khub kharap lagse GP er kotha vebe.era sei osojj0 jontronar kaaj korese.kenona era manus ke bolse high speed internet(asole ki ata high speed).ami soho onekei GP NET er speed sune neyesi.asole ami je uporer golpota bolsi setar mane holo onnai onnaei seta valo kaaj er jonne hook R kharap kaajer jonnei hook.kindly sobai ke bole din amader net speed nei.Gp kotodin ar dhoka deben.plz plz plz bondo korun amader sathe dhoka dewar porikolpona,amra apnader chal e boro osohai.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.masud_emon domar.godown para

  132. bhai……….ami broadband use kori………jar speed 14-16 kbps (128 kbps)………is it good or bad….it never disconnects………

  133. hi, I am shuvo.
    siomedays ago I sold a gp edge usb modem.I am now become very happy because it is very fast from syber cafes.
    my download raye is now up to 30 kbps.
    thanks GP

  134. hi i am using gp internet with gp modem.but the speed is only 2-3 kbps. what is this?i am now very much shocked. because gp has betrayed me.they say they are providing the highest speed internet but is it high speed 2-3 kbps.

  135. Gp shala madarchod. Khankir polader call center call dile bole onek customer naki 40 kbps pai. AMi sharadin 6 theke 8 pai. CHutmaranir polader company bondho hoia jai jano. oder customer carer lokera aro lame. Those fags act like some sort of beurocrats. Bainchod gulare lathaite iccha kore. FUCK GP. GRAMEEN PHONE GO TO HELL

  136. sala harami gp.akhon to browse-e kora jay na…sala rat 12 tar por akta page load hoite 20 min lage…kokhonoto hoi-e na…salare dhoira bash daua dorkar….haramjada….2 din por por kosh servr down..jode ai customerk support dt na parosh tahole aro p5,p6 package charli kan?? haramjadader takar lov gelo na…

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