Using More DBs concurrently in PHP+MySQL – a Solution

Last night Hasan provided me a new solution which seems awesome. I am describing it here $db1 = mysql_connect(“host”,”user”,”pwd”) mysql_select_db(“db1”, $db1); $res1 = mysql_query(“query”,$db1); $db2 = mysql_connect(“host”,”user”,”pwd”) mysql_select_db(“db2”, $db2); $res2 = mysql_query(“query”,$db2); At this point you can only fetch records from you previous ResultSet, i.e $res1 – But you cannot execute new query in $db1, … Continue reading Using More DBs concurrently in PHP+MySQL – a Solution

I got a Laptop

Yesterday I got a generous gift from Systech Digital, where I worked before I join somewherein. Rashidul Hasan, the IT Manager of Systech Digital managed a nice Laptop for Me. The model is Toshiba Satellite L30. I am very happy with this fantastic gift. Thanks goes to Mahbubur Rahman, Rashidul Hasan, Omi Azad and Systech … Continue reading I got a Laptop

Little Afif

Afif is learning how to talk in alien language these days. He express many of his wishes using “gili-gili-gulu-gulu’ , ‘gggggiiiiiii’, ‘aoouuuu’ words. Everyday we talk for a long long time. Afif become very happy when his mom talks with him. These days Afif sleeps sooner in my lap instead of his mom’s. So I … Continue reading Little Afif