Kudos to Ipshita

Ipshita is my colleague in somewhere in… and we both work in java desk. Ipshita recently did a very good job which really surprised me. Ipshita’s father and some of his friends run an orphanage in Bangladesh. Ipshita spend her salary of first month and bought a television for the kids in orphanage, so that … Continue reading Kudos to Ipshita

Just some cool Links from my BookMark List

1. CSS Tab Menus http://exploding-boy.com/images/cssmenus/menus.html 2. CSS Vertical Menus http://exploding-boy.com/images/EBmenus/menus.html 3. Embedded Image in Firefox, Opera and IE and IE http://www.bennherrera.com/EmbeddedImage/ 4. Giffy Online Diagram http://www.gliffy.com/ 5. Web Developers Handbook http://www.alvit.de/handbook/ 6. Essential Web 2.0 Libraries (Amazing) http://www.tonyyoo.com/protolize/ 7. Free Icons for your Web http://www.maxpower.ca/free-icons/2006/03/05/ Continue reading Just some cool Links from my BookMark List


Its unbelievable and very pathetic. Germany lose the match because of the last two minute. It is extremely disappointing. It hurts me. Last day It was great fun with RubyOnRails. I spend a lot of time for basic Ruby and rails. It is a great framework, no doubt. Continue reading Pathetic

Veni Vidi Vici

It is a famous Latin phrase coined by Roman general and consul Julius Caesar which means “I came, I see, I conquer”. He announced to the Senate after his victory over Pharnaces. Well, I just finish another huge task in my desktop – Probably I am also happy as Caesar right now. Yesterday it was … Continue reading Veni Vidi Vici