Zephyr Beta 2.0 Released

visit : Zephyr After a long time since the beta 1.0, today we released the second beta versionof zephyr. It is more optimized than the previous one. This version comes with many new features but major improvements are 1. Prototype is now a part of Zephyr 2. SQLite support 3. Multilevel Filters 4. Multiple pre … Continue reading Zephyr Beta 2.0 Released

Zephyr Beta 2 : Upcoming Features

Yesterday night I added some great functionality in zephyr. Developers can use “Filtersâ€? in zephyr packages. In primary stage I just implemented two type of filters, one is “pre-filterâ€? and another is “post-filterâ€?. Pre filters are a simple object which is invoked when visitors input data. Before passing these data to actions, zephyr will call … Continue reading Zephyr Beta 2 : Upcoming Features